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Be a cut above your competition

Corporate events usually eat up the marketing budget and are quickly forgotten as your guests move on to the next one and the one after that.  What can you do to make your event more memorable?

A 5 Star Pampering service will serve more than one purpose:

  • It will certainly make your event stand out from others with an innovative twist

  • Your guests will feel amazing and experience the luxury of being treated like a celebrity

  • People will talk about it for longer and associate positive feelings with your organisation.

In the workplace

Stress is one of the biggest causes of time off work, along with back pain - both can result from what happens in the workplace and can cost employers thousands of pounds.

Offering your staff:

·        A monthly in-house therapist – perhaps subsidised – shows you care about their welfare.

·        An at-the-desk neck and shoulder massage relieving stiffness, reducing stress and back pain, saves on medical bills and reduces the likelihood of expensive claims.

·        A 5 Star therapist at staff events, Christmas and summer parties, etc. gives the event something special to make it memorable.

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